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Operations and billing can take up a large portion of your time, pulling you away from working with clients. Discover how Mariner Platform Solutions’ robust operational support can help you gain efficiencies. 

Our team manages client onboarding and your operational needs through entire client relationship.

Operations resources include:

  • Client support throughout the relationship, from the initial client account opening to billing, servicing and maintaining client records
  • Custodial management including oversight of the custodial relationship and service level agreements
  • Client service tools such as financial planning software, CRM and performance reporting
  • Investment support for portfolio management solutions, trading and rebalancing solutions
  • Platform and product management, including design and implementation, development and integrations, training and engagement

Mariner Platform Solutions offers additional back-office support so you can spend less time running your business and more time growing it. Support includes financial plan generation and investment proposals, technology, marketing and regulatory compliance.

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