Watch Now: Estate Planning Considerations for Your Clients Webinar

March 3, 2022

In this webinar, the Mariner Platform Solutions team dives deep into estate planning. From asking clients the right questions, to the importance of picking the right fiduciary, this webinar covers all things estate planning while looking at a few actionable ideas that can be implemented today.

00:08 What makes Mariner Wealth Advisors/Mariner Platform Solutions unique?
08:48 Great Questions to Ask Your Clients
11:42 Estate Tax Considerations
14:22 Considerations for Clients Who May Not Currently be Subject to Estate Taxes but Might be in 2026. Things to Consider When Looking at Their Estate Plans.
24:50 Estate Planning Documents and Asset Titling
26:32 Trust Planning
31:52 Personal Property
35:00 Digital Assets
38:50 Planning for Married Couples
40:00 Fiduciary Selection
45:43 Red Flags When Reviewing Documents
48:37 Retirement Accounts
57:47 Q&A

These videos are limited to the dissemination of general information and are not intended to be legal or investment advice. Nothing herein should be relied upon as such. The views expressed are for informational purposes only and do not take into account any individual personal, financial, or tax considerations. There is no guarantee that any claims made will come to pass.

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