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Your independence supported by our resources to enrich and grow your business.

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Leveraging the best practices of top-ranked Mariner Wealth Advisors for advisor support, we help advisors grow their practices, especially as the industry evolves.

Comprehensive support so you can spend more time growing your business and less time running it.


Built using Mariner Wealth Advisors’ proven business model of offering its advisors access to in-house teams, technology and growth strategies


We’ll help you create an LLC empowering you to own your business and enjoy financial control.


Seamless Transition

Our dedicated transition team ensures your onboarding process is quick and efficient.


Optimize every aspect of your business with our robust, integrated technology stack.


Access to in-house advisory solutions including tax, investments and estate planning.

Business Development

Leverage our team of industry leaders, resources, digital and growth strategies, coaching and best practices to help grow & differentiate your practice.

Planning Focused

We offer our advisors support related to designing wealth plans that include tax, estate, trust, investments and insurance strategies and solutions to help clients meet their goals.

Advisor Network

Collaborate with other advisors in the network to share what’s working for you and put best practices to work.


Technology is always changing. We’re at the forefront of leveraging the latest solutions to better serve clients, be more efficient and quickly scale your business as you grow.


Best Practices

Our practice management team offers advisors tools and strategies for enhancing the client experience, demonstrating the value of their advice and growing their practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer. Explore these frequently asked questions from advisors considering partnering with Mariner Platform Solutions to power their practice.

Who is the typical advisor at Mariner Platform Solutions?

Mariner Platform Solutions is typically used by advisors or a team of advisors who are entrepreneurial and are seeking to break away from their current firm, or who have started a firm but need additional resources and support. It’s also for registered investment advisory firms who are looking to outsource day-to-day operations.

Tech Stack

Your Toughest Challenges, Solved.

5 Things to Consider to Optimize Your Tech Stack

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*Top RIA Firms: Barron’s awarded 2022, 2021, and 2020 #5, 2019 #4, and 2018 #3 rankings to Mariner Wealth Advisors (MWA) based on data compiled for MWA and the 2017 #2 and 2016 #1 rankings to Mariner Holdings (MH) based upon data compiled for MH registered investment adviser subsidiaries. Rankings for 2016 through 2022 were published in September of each award year and were based on June 30th data, including annual figures for the previous three years. The ranking is based on assets managed by the firms, technology spending, staff diversity, succession planning, and other metrics. The number of firms included in the rankings was: 20 (2016), 30 (2017), 40 (2018), 50 (2019), and 100 (2020 - 2022). The published rankings are based on firm surveys, and the firm’s filings with the regulatory databases were used to cross-check the data provided. The formula Barron’s uses to rank advisors is proprietary. The ranking is not indicative of future performance, and there is no guarantee of future success. For additional information visit www.barrons.com.