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Our trust professionals will collaborate with you, your clients, your clients’ legal team and our in-house tax team to design trusts.

Trust services are offered from our headquarters location in Overland Park, Kan., and a second location in South Dakota, which has no state taxation of trust assets and is considered a “trust utopia” for its favorable trust-related statutes.

Our trust services include:

  • Review and design trust documents to help ensure they reflect your clients’ wishes and protect their assets
  • Administering trusts, including Intentionally Defective Grantor, Charitable, Dynasty, GRAT, QPRT, Family Foundation and ILIT trusts.
  • Designing tax-efficient trusts that allow your clients to transfer assets out of their estate to help minimize their tax liability
  • Managing charitable planning and gifting strategies that distribute gifts to your clients’ favorite charities now or in the future

Mariner Platform Solutions offers additional advisory solutions for building comprehensive wealth plans for clients including insurance, tax planning and preparation, investments and retirement planning solutions.

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