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Why Join Mariner Platform Solutions

Q: Why is now a good time for advisors to break away and join Mariner Platform Solutions?


A: Advisors have plenty of options when deciding the type of firm that best fits the way they like to work with clients. We are finding that advisors are reevaluating whether their current firm can provide the support they need today and into the future. They are also considering whether their current firm provides a value proposition that clearly defines how their services are different from competitors.

As the industry continues to evolve, clients will expect more from advisors when it comes to wealth planning and strategies for achieving their long-term goals. At Mariner Platform Solutions, we provide advisors and their clients access to tenured teams, including investments, tax and insurance, which they would typically find at a much larger firm. By utilizing these professionals as part of their wealth team, advisors can provide clients with a coordinated wealth plan. This integrated approach is designed to simplify the wealth planning process and save clients’ time.

Platform Resources

Q: What kind of resources does Mariner Platform Solutions offer breakaway advisors?


A: Mariner Platform Solutions offers many different resources for advisors. First, we have a dedicated transition team that helps advisors navigate the complexities of a transition (before, during and after) to help make it as smooth and seamless as possible. The team connects advisors to key departments across the organization and acts as the primary point team throughout the process. In addition, once advisors join Mariner Platform solutions, they have a dedicated relationship manager. This manager serves as your daily contact, builds relationships between you and Mariner Platform Solutions and provides tools to help grow your business, such as coaching and development, referral partner programs, educational events and more. In addition, our back-office teams, including IT, operations, compliance, marketing and proposal generation take care of business functions, which allows you to focus on serving clients.

What truly makes us unique, though, is our in-house advisory solutions teams. We refer to our tenured professionals as “advisors to our advisors.” These subject matter experts become part of your wealth team. Together the teams represent more than 100 professionals who advise on year-round tax strategies, multi-state tax planning and tax return preparation. We have a trust services and insurance solutions teams that offer strategies designed to protect clients assets and loved ones. Our business specialty services help companies of all sizes across all industries with mergers and acquisitions, valuation, accounting and more. Our practice management team offer advisors strategies for running a more efficient practice. The advisor can also work alongside our investment team, which offers advice on portfolio construction, asset allocation and investment strategies as part of a client’s overall wealth management plan.

Lastly, advisors have the benefit of creating their own brand or they can utilize our established one – all while owning their own business.

Advisory Solutions

Q: What makes Mariner Platform Solutions a great home for breakaway advisors?


A: We understand the needs advisors have and have a proven track record of supporting advisors and their clients. We believe the more responsibilities we can take off the advisor’s plate, the more time they can spend developing a deeper relationship with clients and growing their business. We provide advisors the autonomy to run and own their practice as they see fit, and we surround them with resources to help differentiate themselves and build their own enterprise value as a business owner.

How to Contact Us

Q: If an advisor or firm is interested in utilizing Mariner Platform Solutions as their partner, how can they get in touch with you?

A: If you are interested in learning more about Mariner Platform Solutions, contact Brian Leitner or any member of our corporate development team. We would love to have a conversation about your practice and how we might be able to support you.

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Mariner Platform Solutions is typically used by advisors or a team of advisors who are entrepreneurial and are seeking to break away from their current firm, or who have started a firm but need additional resources and support. 

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